7 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Notary Services in Los Angeles

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Notary Services in Los Angeles

When it comes to notarizing important documents, selecting the right notary service is crucial. Many people often make mistakes that can lead to delays, additional costs, and even legal complications. To help you navigate the process, here are seven common mistakes to avoid when choosing notary services in Los Angeles.

1. Not Checking Credentials and Certifications

One of the first steps in selecting a service is to ensure the notary is properly credentialed and certified. Always verify that the notary public has a valid commission and is recognized by the relevant authorities. Failing to do so can result in your documents being invalidated, which can have significant repercussions depending on the nature of the documents.

2. Ignoring Reviews and Testimonials

Customer reviews and testimonials are invaluable when choosing a service. Many individuals neglect this step and end up with subpar services. Check online platforms for reviews or ask for references directly from the notary service. Positive feedback from previous clients can give you confidence in the reliability and professionalism of the service.

3. Not Considering Mobile Notary Services

Convenience is a major factor in choosing notary services. Many people overlook the benefits of mobile notary services, which can come to your location, saving you time and hassle. Especially in a bustling city like Los Angeles, a Los Angeles mobile notary can be a practical solution, offering flexibility and ease, particularly for those with busy schedules or mobility issues.

4. Failing to Compare Pricing

Pricing can vary significantly between different notary services. Some individuals make the mistake of going with the first notary they find without comparing costs. It’s essential to get quotes from several notary services to ensure you’re getting a fair price. Be wary of services that are significantly cheaper or more expensive than others, as this can sometimes indicate a lack of quality or hidden fees.

5. Overlooking Specialization

Not all notary services are created equal. Some notaries specialize in certain types of documents, such as real estate transactions, legal affidavits, or healthcare directives. It’s important to choose a notary who has experience with the specific type of document you need to be notarized. This specialization can help ensure that the process goes smoothly and that all legal requirements are met.

6. Not Verifying Availability

In a city as large as Los Angeles, notary services can be in high demand. A common mistake is not checking the availability of the notary service in advance. Ensure that the notary you choose can accommodate your schedule, especially if you need documents notarized urgently. Some notaries offer 24/7 services, which can be incredibly useful for time-sensitive needs.

7. Neglecting to Ask About Additional Services

Many notary services offer additional services that can be beneficial, such as document delivery, online notarization, or assistance with legal documents. When selecting a notary, inquire about these additional services, as they can save you time and effort. For instance, some notaries provide comprehensive support for estate planning, loan documents, and other complex paperwork.


Choosing the right notary service in Los Angeles is essential for ensuring your documents are handled correctly and efficiently. By avoiding these common mistakes—failing to check credentials, ignoring reviews, not considering mobile services, neglecting price comparisons, overlooking specialization, not verifying availability, and failing to ask about additional services—you can make a more informed decision and select a notary service that meets your needs.

Take the time to research and choose wisely, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your important documents are in good hands. Whether you need to notarize a power of attorney, healthcare directive, or any other legal document, selecting the right notary service can make all the difference.

Remember, in addition to finding a reliable notary, consider the convenience and added benefits of a Los Angeles mobile notary. This can provide you with the flexibility and ease of having your documents notarized at a time and place that suits you best. Avoiding these common mistakes will ensure a smoother, more efficient notarization process, saving you time, money, and potential legal issues in the future.

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