Why You Should Buy A Gold Bar In Canada: Read This To Know!

buy Gold bars in Canada

Is buying a Gold bar in Canada is the right decision then? is a popular query from novice gold investors. Check out our informative guide, which outlines the benefits and drawbacks of each kind of product.

Why purchase gold bars?

24 carats of pure gold (999.9) are used to manufacture gold bars, and each one comes with an assay certificate. Their weight, purity, and compliance with the Good Delivery Standards are all guaranteed by this certificate. In order to preserve the bar, freshly minted gold bars (weighing 100 grams) are often offered in sealed packaging.

Due to their modest price, you can buy Gold bars in Canada through the majority of investors with huge budgets. They were able to purchase gold at the best price per gram as a result. Because of this, gold bars are regarded as one of the most affordable options for gold investments.

The benchmark for investing in gold

The most common format for gold investments is a gold bar. If it was produced by a refiner certified by the LBMA, it may be traded to any bullion dealer worldwide.

Perfect for Investment Over Time

Buying gold ingots for sale is the greatest choice if you want to store actual gold for an extended length of time without ever intending to sell any portion of your investment. When compared to gold coins, their cost per gram will be lower. As will be discussed later, this is a result of their reduced premium.

Less expensive Premium compared to Spot

The cost of manufacturing gold bars is often lower. As such, their premium is lower than that of gold bullion coins. The premium of a gold bar decreases with size. The cost of making a single kilogram gold bar is less than that of ten individual 100-gram gold bars.

So, purchasing a kilogram of gold ingots for sale as opposed to ten individual 100g gold bars will be less expensive for you. You will save around 1%, or about £260 in today’s currency. Despite being less expensive, this choice will reduce the flexibility of your portfolio. A kilogram gold bar cannot be split in half, therefore you won’t be able to sell off a portion of your investment. Furthermore, a little neighborhood store is less likely to purchase a big gold bar than many 1 oz gold bars.


Larger gold bars may not always be the best choice, even when they fetch lower prices. If you ever decide to sell any of your investments, smaller bars could be advantageous. The majority of UK bullion investors believe that 100g and 1oz gold bars provide the best combination of value and versatility. Convenient size and a reasonable premium are also combined in smaller gold bars, such the 50g and 20g. The greatest approach for bigger investors to maximize their funds is with a 1-kilogram bar.

It is an excellent choice to buy Gold bars in Canada especially, if you are a novice investor to begin investing in genuine gold. However, it is also advised to diversify your holdings by including a combination of coins and bars. Because gold is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes,  So you can divide your investment into much smaller portions by purchasing smaller coins and bars. This implies that rather than carrying your whole investment with you, you may move only a portion of it.

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